Thursday, Sept 23, 2021

at school.
i finished all my work. i have roughly two hours of school left.
it's really boring. thanks to ontario's quadmester system, i only have the same two subjects per day, for 8 weeks.
considering to continue working on my yt frontend after school since polymer really SUCKS on the SLOOOW chromebooks they use at my school.
a friend of mine, Reprety, is making an extension (v3core) that brings back 2013 and it's honestly amazing what he's done in a short amount of time.
the thing that really bothers me on my own frontend is that my html5player is a real hassle.
i want this to be as compatible as possible with all browsers that yt supported at the time, as well as flash player compatibility, but with the amount of js trickery, i don't see that happening.
what's the js trickery for? playing copyrighted videos. music vids, trailers, etc...
you see, youtube uses this thing called a "signatureCipher". every week or so, they update their html5 player to use a different way of decrypting this cipher.
this is ANNOYING as all hell, but apparently 2018 youtube mobile still works, so i'm interested in figuring out how to catch traffic and perhaps figure out how it does this whilst "bypassing" the cipher in a matter of speaking.
y'know me though... i'm the LAZIEST person on the planet. i'm literally half-asleep right now.
maybe ill drink ten coffees and see if i wake up.
- geno

Monday, May 31, 2021

june is approaching. where did this year go?
i'm writing this before school starts...

i've had an idea for a website for a while.

basically i'd call it altweb. the design would take note from the likes of Lycos and Yahoo back in 1996-2005 and would be fully compatible with older computers.

it'd provide you with the latest news, as well as provide a web hosting service combatting that of freewha, however having the same old geocities feel (pick your neighbourhood, have your own "house number"), and it'd have its own search engine for its own sites. it'd be separated from the money-grabbing internet itself, and only the websites with the most unique views would be shown to you first.

it's a bit far-fetched, but it might be possible. i honestly don't know, i'd have to see if i have time maybe this summer. i'm focusing on a lot of projects and school at the same time so...

who knows? maybe my idea will come into fruition sometime.

school's starting soon. gtg. bye!

Friday, May 14, 2021

i was bored so i decided to update (or downgrade) my site to a 2001 layout. i find it pretty cool!

i felt my site was not that compatible with older systems, and i have yet to make this bode well for older computers in terms of resolution.

however i personally really wish that neocities let you choose between http and https so it could be fully compatible with older browsers.
it could also promote more websites on neocities to have a design like mine. i'd be up for that.

im only 14 but i really wish people would express themselves more using a website like they used to on geocities. just pure html, js and a touch of css.
i hope my site can convince you to do the same lol

uhhhhh thats about it lol

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